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John Griffiths  6-9-2017

John Griffiths:

John is a co founder and Co Owner of a Paranormal Events and Research Team in the North west of England. United Kingdom area called Fourth Element Paranormal. John has been in research and investigation founding relstionships through the UK and online createing one of the largeat paranormal groups on facebook at nearly 20,000 members strong. His team Forth Element Paranormal has investigated many rual and popualr sites such as Brymbo Steel, The Mansion House St Helens, Hulme Hall, and more in events listed in many places registered as one of the more respected and well event holders in education within the paranormal. Join us as we discuss his Journey.

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More information can be foud on john at:






Peter Sacco:

Peter Sacco is an award-winning executive producer and TV host. He currently hosts and produce's the new hit TV show The Paranormal Profilers. He is also the acclaimed author of 30 books, as well as more than 800 magazine articles. Sacco is an award-winning lecturer at universities in both the USA and Canada, specializing in psychology/parapsychology, relationships, criminal psychology, addictions, and mental health. He is also a frequent resident expert on national and international TV and radio shows (FOX, ABC, CBS, Global News, Iheart, Coast To Coast, etc.) as well as over 200 other radio shows/stations. He has also appeared as an actor, director and producer in many TV shows and films, including Paranormal Survivor and Niagara’s Most Haunted. Join us in this exiteing view of the world of the paranormal.
Peter can be found at:



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