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Rob Price RPHD 2017
Join Rob Price in his ongong adventures in paranormal investigation. Pob ahs been in the paranormal for 11 years visiting East Drive and many hauted location's through out the UK area. He is founder of RPHD (Spiritrealm UK)  on facebook. Feel free to follow him any time here, on Facebook, or look him up on You Tube for de-bunking, EVP, live on site investigations, and more!

Rob will be joining us on Paranormal Truth & Reality WCJV as a co-host from time to time so stay tuned!
​​​Justin Brown 5-5-2017
Justin Brown from Interface death  here in Ohio will be on Paranormal Truth & Reality WCJV  this year Join him in his adventures with his You Tube channel aytime through 2017 before his discussion.

He coments:

Our fourth season on our YouTube channel begins March 2017. We are very excited to bring our viewers the best content concerning paranormal research and investigation. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and check out all of our links below. #InterfaceDeath #Haunted #Paranormal

​Southern Truth Seekers

​​​​Scheduled 7-7-2017

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Peter Sacco:

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Join Joe Vitale as he discusses his journey into the paranormal, his experience, and his work on a upcomeing Amazon paranormal show Paranormal Journeys. 
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