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Past shows:

Recordings Pending

Recordings Pending

Books worth a look:

Joe Thompson:


" Joe's fiction is amazeing takeing you on a wonderful journey into the paranormal" - Samantha Grimes Reader and follower

Barry Strohm:

Barry uses the gift of spirit communication through the use of a channeling board to bring information concerning life after death, reincarnation in humans and animals, alien presence on earth, historical conspiracies and many other related subjects. Barry has written many books on the paranormal, conspiracy, aliens, and more.


Robert Lanza:



John Desouza:



Brian D. Parsons:




Ron Mills:


Peter Sacco:

​Award-winning executive producer and TV host. He currently hosts and produce's the new hit TV show The Paranormal Profilers. He is also the acclaimed author of 30 books, as well as more than 800 magazine articles.


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Paul Browning:

A twenty plus year resident of Clarksville, Tennessee, Paul Browning has been an avid paranormal investigator since 2005.


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