Joe and the k-2

Joe and the k-2

Sunday, May 14, 2017


Karl Bland


  1. Who you going to call?
    05 May, 2017
    Who you going to call?
    "who you gunna call?.... John Griffiths" May 5, 2017 | karl bland      JOHN A GRIFFITHS I was honored today that a paranormal investigator that happens to be a good friend of mine took time out of his busy day to talk to me a bit about the world of ghost hunting. I have known this man about 4 years on Facebook and would like to think we good friends, john is a very well known investigator in Liverpool U.K a go to guy and a font of knowledge paranormal. John is the  founder member of the
  2. Interview with a "Price"
    16 May, 2017
    Interview with a "Price"
    Rob Price May 16, 2017 | karl bland                                                                   ROB PRICE Today i was lucky enough for Rob Price to take the time and chat to me for my blog shades of shadow... k. Could you tell me what was the catalyst for your life as a investigator R. From the age of 12-15 I had some very personal experiences 2 of which was fully body  apparition and very violent and scared living day lights out of me , which for 10 years or so left me puzzled , somthing