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 Paranormal Truth And Reality (P.T.A.R.) is a dedicated radio show and research team to the reality of true paranormal occurrence, education, and those real men and women within that field of study. Founded in 2010 P.T.A.R. has dedicated its foundation to real connections throughout the paranormal community both here in the USA and all across the world joining investigators, universities, and real people together for a foundation of truth. We can be found at PTAR radio every Friday at 8 pm  and
  1. LIVE on WCJV Paranormal Truth & Reality Justin Brown from Interface death in Ohio. Join him in his adventures with his You Tube channel anytime through 2017 before his discussion.
  2. LIVE AT WCJV Paranormal Truth & reality presents Michael Scott Engh a 17 year investigation veteran to share his paranormal experiences
  3. Live at WCJV a interview with a real time Screen writer, Novelist, and Producer Peter Sacco
  4. Live at WCJV Colin Schneider a fellow WCJV radio host speaking of his ealry career and interst in Crypt-Zoology
  5. Joe Thompson LIVE at WCJV Paranormal Truth & Reality 30 year investigator in the paranormal and exorcism cases will speak of his journey into the unknown!
  6. LIVE at WCJV Paranormal Truth & Reality : Barry Strohm is a author and lecturer that uses a channeling board he designed off the basics of Ouija. he has published results in many books and papers and currently resides in Utah with his wife.
P.T.A.R. is ready to fund a list of over 200 real investigators and contact's for residentual use after confirming legitmacy of teams, education, and history. Release date to be July 2017.
Haunted America 2017 is set to launch in May 2017! Author and researcher Christoph Peterson takes you across America in real true looks at some of the most hauted claims to fame.
Paranormal Truth & Reality has left WCJV and is now hosting on BBS Radio. links and adjsutmets will be provided within the next few days.



May 12th  : Peter Sacco
May 19th  : Michael Scott Engh
May 26th  : Colin Schneider
June 2nd   : Rob Price
June 9th    : John Griffiths
June 16th  : Peter James Haviland
June 23rd  : Gavin    Kelly and Paula Purcell -  Paranormal Journey
​June 30th  : Keith Linder
July 7th     : Jeffrey and Vickie Holder
July 14th   : Jeffrey Hale & his associate                     SERT Investigations
July 21st   : Tammy Whalen Buckler
July 28th   : Kay Kemplin
Aug 4th     : Jason Love

Aug 11th  : OPEN
Aug 18th  : OPEN

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Comeing 2018-2019:

Due in 2018 - 2019  "Para Stream TV"! One place for all things paranormal all of the time including exclusive REAL TV, documentaries, origonal movies, and standard programing all in one area at one low cost to stream on all of your devices!

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​​​ Our Founder:

In 2014 Mr. Houston decided after spending 9 years in research and business in his passion of the paranormal to come out with his personal haunted story. During this process, he worked with major TV networks in public marketing, created links to university studies, learned firsthand from real investigators, and in 2015 founded Paranormal Truth & Reality. By 2016 P.T.A.R. Established a public paranormal area for all to find a safe environment for research, websites, teams, TV and more now hosting a LIVE radio show every Friday  dedicated to real truth within the paranotmal from their unique perspectives.
Born in 1972 Christopher Houston lived a simple country life with very little money throughout his early struggles. He attended a local college in Columbus Ohio developing a audio engineering degree in hopes to follow in his father’s footsteps. After his father’s untimely death Christopher decided to move away from audio starting again from a hair thin budget. Later through hard work he personally funded his education forming a business degree in marketing and journalism becoming self-coached from some of the biggest names in companies today. In 2011 Mr. Houston founded C.R.S. Marketing Solutions on a hair thin budget and a simple idealism, "Bettering business solutions". by 2013 C.R.S. was working in relation with some of the top companies across America.  Mr. Houston has spoken on business strategy across the USA as a guest speaker in OSU, Marion Tech, Stout University, and much more.